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Soft Story Retrofit Contractor.

Action Construction is a seismic retrofit contractor providing earthquake reinforcement services to Soft Story building owners.

Action Construction’s experience started in the 1980’s retrofitting Un-Reinforced Masonry (URM) buildings. We’ve completed seismic retrofit projects to Soft Story Buildings in Santa Monica in 1996, Tilt-up buildings, URM buildings and upgrades damaged buildings after the Northridge earthquake of 1994.

We offer substantial seismic retrofit experience. We know how to retrofit a building. Our experience as a seiemic contractor is second to none.

Downtown Los Angeles Non-Ductile Concrete Buildings
Los Angeles City Hall

Seismic Retrofit Contractor.

Action Construction knows the ins and outs of retrofitting your building. We are willing to share our experience in the most efficient and economical way. So you have a piece of mind while we get the job done right for you.

  • We will always do the job with the least interference to your tenants.
  • We will present to you all the options so that you will make all the right decisions.
  • “Value Engineering” means, no unnecessary work and more savings in your pocket.
  • Always on time and always under budget. No change order here.

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