Non Ductile concrete building

NonDuctile concrete building

The new city of Los Angeles ordinance calls for additional lateral support to NonDuctile buildings by beefing-up concrete walls by shooting concrete gunite (the material in ground pools) onto the existing walls to fortify them and provide cross braces moment frames to allow for additional lateral resistance elements in the buildings.

Non-Ductile Concrete buildings are categorized mostly as larger size high-rise buildings that require a lot of upfront strategic planning in order to incorporate the needs of the tenants as well as the seismic upgrade requirements.

Action Construction has major experience dealing with such projects. We have completed similar projects that resembled in large part the same characteristics of the Non-Ductile building. We can put a meeting together with our experienced Engineer to go over your options. We will provide you a packaged proposal that includes a strict schedule to comply with the work ahead and a plan to coordinate with your tenants.

Dealing with tenants while construction is in progress is one of our specialties. It will take a lot of effort to do the job right in a Non-Ductile seismic project, especially while the building is occupied. But Action Construction will deliver complete compliance with as little or with no interruptions to the building’s daily operations.