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One of the conditions city of Los Angeles Building Department has for contractors of Soft Story Buildings is to get clearance from the Department of Housing. The contractor must get it approved by the Department of Housing before construction starts. The THP must state where construction will start and when it finished. The THP must indicate any disruption to tenants. The THP needed to be served to each tenant 20 days before work is starting.

THP Approval for Seismic Retrofit Buildings.

The approval process for the Soft Story THP includes notifying all the building’s tenants of the upcoming seismic retrofit work. It also makes the building’s tenants aware of their rights as tenants. In most cases, the Department of Housing will issue clearance for seismic retrofit construction within 20 days.

Seismic Retrofit Cost Recovery.

After the seismic retrofit work is completed, the owner has the right to recover 50% of the cost from their tenants.
To recover the cost, the owner must submit an application to the department of housing. The application must be approved. Once approved, the owner can raise the rent and recover 50% of seismic construction costs.

Seismic Upgrade Compliance.

Seismic reinforcement of Soft Story Buildings is a mandatory upgrade compliance per the city of Los Angeles Soft Story Ordinance. If your building was built before 1978, it is five units or more, has two stories or more, has open wall elevations or weak wall lines on ground level, and it is a wood framing construction, then your building is a Soft Story building.
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You can find more details about your building needs by visiting the City of Los Angeles Building and Safety website or read our blog post for more links and details.